Immaculate Photo Short Films and Video Trailers
  • Bryanna & Nick's Wedding 5-28-17

    Great wedding in Spencer, MA

  • Michelle & Brian's wedding 6-24-17

    Here is an amazing wedding done w some aerial shots and three camera angle coverage. The wedding was at Hudson, MA. Thanks for watching... Yours G.

  • Michelle & Brian's Trailer 6-24-17

    Michelle's trailer for her wedding 6-24-17

  • Wing & Li's Wedding 7-2-17

    This wedding was at the Lake Park place in Wrentham, MA

  • Ying & Li's Wedding Trailer 7-2-17

    Lake Park Wedding in Wremtham, MA

  • The Aldrich Mansion Aerial Video

    The Aldrich Mansion at Warwick, RI

  • Jackie & Mario's Wedding Trailer 5-17-15

    The Aldrich Mansion Wedding 5-17-15, Warwick, RI

  • Jackie & Mario's Wedding Trailer

    Jackie & Mario's Wedding, Warwick, RI May 17, 2015

  • Michelle & Bill's Wedding trailer

    This is our New Year wedding in Warwick, RI

  • Pam & Sam Wedding 7-30-11

    Boston Wedding

  • Gianella & Misael's Wedding Trailer

    July 8, 2011 wedding Lincoln, RI

  • Michelle & Michael's Viking Wedding 4-2-16

    Michelle and Michaels Viking Wedding, Worcester, MA

  • Amy & Mike's wedding June 2017

    Amy & Mike's Wedding (Preview...)

  • Nicole & Eric's Wedding 4-30-16

    Nicole & Eric's Wedding 4-40-16 Rhode Island

  • Taylor & Cameron 9-3-16

    Taylor and Cameron Wedding 9-3-16 CT

  • A Love Story Petra & Eduardo

    Video shot at Canon Beach and the Columbia Gorge National Park...

  • Christine & Will's Engagement Trailer

    Christine & Will's Engagement pics and videos

  • Andrea & Andrew Engagement Trailer

    New Hampshire Engagement event...

  • Paula & Steve Wedding Trailer 6-4-16

    Paula's wedding video trailer, some of the pics at the Roger William and the Botanic Garden pics

  • Jackie & Mario's Young Collection Wedding Album 5-17-15

    This wedding was at the Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, RI. Here is a amazing Italian Album w metallic pages within the Young Collection. Call us to see these albums...

  • Italian HD Album

    This HD Italian Album is available on our Gold and Gold plus packages, see our Wedding packages... A hand made Italian album

  • Italian to Go Album

    This is a practical Italian hand made album with an elegant design box... Call us to show you the albums in person which is always better.

  • Italian Young Series Album

    A hand made Metallic Italian Young Series Album. This album comes in any paper you like to customized according to your needs.

  • Shyna & David's Wedding Album

    This is an horizontal Italian hand made album. This wedding was on the Cape Cod in front of the beach...

  • Canon HD Album option on our Bronze Package

    Here is an USA made album that can be done in glossy or mate finish... Set up a free consultation meeting to show you all our albums...

  • Picture Calendar included w Italian Albums

    A beautiful calendar w 7 of your favorite images is included for free in all the Italian Albums. (Image size 12 x 16)

  • Vail Ski Trip 2016

    Ski trip 2016 w Aerial footage

  • Camp Eagle's Cliff 2017

    Summer Camp video and breath taking aerial shots, Center Harbor, NH

  • Vail, CO Trip 2015

    Time laps and Video slide show of Vail Co, ski trip, etc.

  • Bean of Love Chicago 2014

    A quick slide show w time lap video of the Bean and downtown area of the metro area of Chicago

  • Mountain Bike Rush...

    Caribbean Mountain bike adventure...